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                    YINGKOU MEIDIAN HOME TEXTILE Co., LTD.

                    Yingkou meidian home textile co., LTD. Is a professional enterprise specializing in the development, design, production and sales of silk products. Adhering to the theme of "from natural and healthy life", the company is committed to developing and producing green, healthy and popular products with more than 30 years of experience in the silk industry and industry resource advantages, and has won the unanimous praise of the majority of consumers.


                    Famous brand

                    The main brand of the company is "sidbo", which is customized with gold quality and "core".

                    Continuous innovation

                    Focus on quality, credit and development. "over the years, the company has been carrying out equipment and technical innovation.

                    Refine on

                    In 2002, it passed the iso-9001 quality system certification and was awarded by the government of liaoning province as a provincial leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization.